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The human body, in many cases, has the innate ability to heal itself. The foundations of health lie in quality sleep, stress management, emotional "hygiene" as well as a healthy diet and exercise.

My name is Kat. I am a health professional (movement therapist and medical herbalist) specialising in women's health, healthy aging, stress-related conditions and digestive health.

Find out more about my general fitness classes, women's health coaching or my stress-busting "relax-to-restore-health" that are tailored to restore sleep, digestive and lymphatic health below. Contact me  to discuss your individual health issue and how we can work together to restore your health, wellbeing and fitness.

Movement is magic! The right amount and type of exercise can prevent disease and premature aging.  Exercise can (and should!) also be part of treatment for many physical and mental illnesses. And yet exercise, like medication, must be adapted to the person and their health condition to be as effective as possible: slow or fast, weightbearing or cardiovascular, relaxing or invigorating have different effects on our body and mind.  Exercise isn't a one-fits-all!  

I offer a wide range of movement styles that can support your needs: calming movement and relaxation techniques that support the nervous system and are tailored for health conditions, such as digestive, intimate health and bladder issues, lymphatic health and better sleep; health and fitness classes for better balance, core strength and mobility and specialist women's health coaching for intimate pelvic, digestive and bladder health. You can choose from group classes, one-to-ones and personal coaching designed to improve your health, wellbeing and fitness.

So whether you are looking to prevent premature aging-related conditions, are looking to recover from an illness or injury, are suffering from poor sleep or stress or simply want to increase or maintain your health and fitness, I'd be delighted to support you on that journey.

Exercise is a key cornerstone of health. Whether you are looking to maintain your current level of fitness, need to return to health after an illness or surgery, want to firm up and lose weight, have a job that gives you aches and pains or just want to feel more vibrant, check out my list of classes or contact me for private sessions to discuss your return to health and fitness. My special interest is healthy aging, women's health and recovery from injury or surgery.

Check out my timetable for a range of classes that offer the stability and strength of Pilates, the grace and power of Yoga and the mindful movement of Feldenkrais.

Relax to Restore Health with Somatic Feldenkrais and Restorative Yoga

Many health conditions have been linked to stress or lack of sleep. Conditions that I have found to benefit most from relaxation and somatic movement such as Feldenkrais are lymphatic and digestive health, back and jaw issues and pelvic health. I have specialist qualifications and expertise in these and am also trained in restorative Yoga and am a qualified sleep coach.

Women's Health - Pelvic and Intimate Health

Sometimes we need a little more expertise than just a normal programme. As women, we are affected by our hormones and may need that expert support. I offer specialist support for Women's Pelvic and Intimate Health. Whether you are looking to support your pelvic floor and bladder, your vaginal health or digestive health, a programme that combines movement, lifestyle advice, diet and emotional healing can support you through transitions such as motherhood and breastfeeding, menopause or through illness or medically induced health issues. 

My name is Kat Hesse. I have been teaching movement for health and wellbeing for nearly two decades. With a background in health science I started off teaching people with health issues. Over the years many of my students regained their health and have developed a good level of fitness so nowadays I teach both general fitness as well as exercise for rehabilitation. It's wonderful to see how movement can improve health and let people live a full life again.  

Results can be striking. Increased strength and mobility, balance, coordination and endurance and a greater sense of ease and wellbeing. Students tell me how targeted workouts, breathing and relaxation improve their fitness, physical and emotional health. Their response to my classes keeps me inspired.

I have used exercise to support my own health too, recovering from cancer, restoring my digestive health and restoring my intimate health from severe atrophy following cancer treatment.

I am qualified in Yoga and Chi Gong, Pilates and Barre and Fitness, Feldenkrais and Somatic Movement and hold numerous rehabilitation qualifications. I love learning. I travelled all over the world to study with innovators and well-respected teachers in the movement and exercise world and love combining scientific insights with ancients methods of moving for fitness, physical and emotional health. 

How you can work with me:

I offer a range of group classes - Yoga, Pilates on the Mat, Standing Pilates Fitness, Chair Pilates - a wider range of private classes, including Women's Health for pelvic, intimate and digestive health, Better Sleep, Relaxed Jaws, Feldenkrais and Somatic Movement. In private sessions we can work just with movement or we can combine therapeutic movement with lifestyle and dietary advice, body-psychotherapeutic practices and proven motivational guidance to help you achieve your goals to transform your health and wellbeing and guide you to lead the life that you want to live.

Join one of my group classes that are designed for different levels of fitness and health. You can join a monthly scheme or drop-in to classes.

Alternatively, contact me to discuss how I can support you achieve your individual goals or with a particular health issue through tailor-made, private one-to-one sessions or my women's health coaching for intimate pelvic and digestive health, support through menopause and other stages of life.

“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos – the trees, the clouds, everything.” Thich Nhat Hanh

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